Live the Yacht Week

Minns ni jag skrev lite hastigt och lustigt om min crazy party week ute till sjöss i Grekland? Aah jo jaa jag kunde och kan fortfarande inte sätta ord på den veckan. Men en party trailer har just släppts som rätt bra förklarar och ger känslan av what Yacht Week really is all about.. 
Tycker du det såg sjukt kul ut? Well then, just FUCKING DO IT! De har rutter i Grekland, Kroatien, BVI, Thailand och flera än så har jag för mej.. Värt varenda jävla euro, så jävla kul och minnen, vänner och kärlek för livet.
Och på tal om fest, vänner och kärlek... Det är precis det som händer i helgen och just därför jag just nu i New York. För att fira Halloween med de craziest party ppl on this planet, som jag festade Yacht Week och Tomorrowland med.. Det är time för en Good Life Crew reunion!


Ensitreffit Official Trailer

Aaaah minns ni jag var ute på filminspelning till Kuopio när jag var hemma i Finland i september? Trailern för filmen Ensitreffit är äntligen klar och jag ser så framemot när hela filmen kommer släppas om några månader! Anyway, här har ni en liten försmak av den.  

Hong Kong

 I've now had 3 nights in Hong Kong and I really wish I could say I like it more than what I did 1,5 year ago but nope not really. I thought I did, the 2 first days I did hikes to the Peak (which was the only reason I liked Hong Kong last time), hang out with some friends, having bbq, chilled and I thought oh well HK is not that bad after all? Yesterday I went for a walk around by myself and I definitely got back that feeling of why I just don't feel much for HK. But it was definitely good to have a few days here again, seeing it with a bit different eyes than first time! 

The Japan List

 I got a little fast fact Japanese list for you about what I've found out and think about this lovely country during these 12 days I've been here! Can't promise everything is true fact, just what I've self heard and experienced. I've put the prices in € because I bet you guys don't have a clue about yen (but FYI 100 yen is around 1$, around 0,8€ )
- Most of the Japanese toilets are super high tech. It's standard to have a toilet with heated seating, flushing-your-butt functions, and a privacy-button which plays music or water sound. Haha sick.
- It's easy to find public toilets for free at train, metro or subway stations, or in parks. I LOVE that! Do you know what a public restroom costs at Kamppi busstation in Helsinki? 1,5€!!!! Wtf Finland...
- Japanese people are the most service minded people I've ever come across. They treat every customer like it would be the king or queen. Bowing is standard.
- Everything is CLEAN. No rubbish on the street even if it's million ppl cities. And it's actually really hard to find public rubbish bins outside on the streets, but in kiosk and stations there is if you search for them.
- Breaking the rules just don't happen. If the traffic light is red and there's no cars around a Japanese person will stand there until it's green light and it's legally okay to cross the street.
- Japan is ridiculous expensive. I've never been in a country that I have found that is this expensive to travel in. It's NOT THE most expensive country I've travelled in, but I think I wasn't mentally prepared on how expensive it is here and just therefore having the omfgitissoexpensive-feeling.
- Taking a single city busride cost minimum around 2€, and if you have to change bus you'll need to buy another ticket. This will add up in a lot of money to just get to one plsce.. A one-day subway pass costed around 6€ in Nagoya, which I think it's fair enough. The bullet train from Nagoya to Tokyo (around 350 km) cost minimum 110€. I think THAT is sickly expensive. I wanted to go for a hike one day, which would been around maybe 50 km away but decided not to because the public transportation travel costs would have been around 40€ each way.
- If you will travel Japan, and are not a millioner, you have to buy a train pass to get around saving a little bit of money. I did not since I spent so few days in the country and just focused on 3 cities, but I definitely will do so next time. Unlimited train passes starts around 250€ for specific areas.
- Getting around with highway buses is the cheapest long distance travel options without rail pass. I got my 2,5 h Kyoto to Nagoya for 25€, and a 6,5 h nightbus Nagoya to Tokyo for 35€ (train 110€). Tokyo to Narita airport 70 min 9€ (train 30€)
- I've never seen as many Finnish stores in a country outside of Finland as in Japan. Nope not even Sweden or Norway. I walked buy a lot of stores with Finnish name (for example "Otan Tämän" and another one "Minä Perhonen") and I found Iitala stores and Marimekko. And once a day I saw at least one person with a Marimekko bag. But fair enough, I saw minimum 10 a day with a Fjällräven backpack but yeah.. And Moomin stuff everywhere!
- I got to hear that 7/11 comes from Japan (and is named 7/11 because that's the time they thought kiosk are open in the western countries) (I Googled about it and turns out that non of that is true, but I liked the idea) and you can find it everywhere and anywhere (30% of the worlds 7/11 are in Japan, fact!) and they sell most necessary daily use products. Even ties and stockings for the ones who forgot it and are running late to work. Prepared meal package with a big variety is also to be found. A sushi pack with 4 rolls cost around 3€ and a noodle sallad around 4€. And they actually do taste good! Eating at 7/11 is absolutely most budget friendly option. They also got tables to eat at and free WiFi.
- I haven't seen a lot of grocery stores around. I always check out grocery stores when I travel because I just love walking around in them and look at everything haha. But as said, there is a lot of 7/11 and other kiosks.
- A traditional Japanese 8 course high end dinner cost around 80€ per person. Eating out at a standard cheapish restaurant cost from around 15€ and up.
- Japanese have so much crazy shit that feels like should be standard for us western ppl too. Like heated bathroom mirrors - no more foggy mirrors after a long shower! How smart?
- They remove their shoes every where. Even the homeless ppl remove their shoes before they walk "into" their little cardboard box homes. And btw I saw maybe 10 homeless ppl , and I spent time in cities that have a higher population than the whole Finland..
- There's female sections in the train to avoid the men grabbing and touching female passengers.
- First time I walked in to a Japanese casino was the most fucked up feeling I've ever experienced for the 30 seconds I was in there. To describe it I just can say it felt like I was on E and start trippin' really really really bad. Doesn't sound so bad but I really can't put words on it. The noise level of hundred machines screaming in different tones and noise in at least 100 decibels , and on top of that the bright colours flashing and blinking. Still doesn't sound bad. My face on the pic doesn't even show how fucked up I felt being in there either. 30 seconds and we were out of there.
- Capsule/cabin hotels were from the beginning made for business men who been out partying and didn't wanna go home for the night before getting back to work.
- BTW to make clear what a capsule hotel is (on the picture).. It is a hotel filled with just small capsules that you crawl into and sleep in. Super cool! There's mostly separate floors for guys and women.
- I never felt unsafe in Japan. NEVER
- Slurping isn't something rude or someone with no manners does. Slurping soups or noodles is to get the most out of the aromas and taste from the dish. I hate ppl who are noisy eaters and I really had to control myself whenever I sat next to someone eating.
- I saw very little western tourists, or call it white ppl, and I did absolutely not see many in my age. Not really a backpacker country? The most touristy place I saw was at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.
- It's not in the Japanese culture to help a stranger. My CS host told me that they only would help someone if the person would ask for help, and if it's someone who's drunk they have the "they can blame themselves" mentality and not interested in helping. I got this confirmed in Shibuya, at one of the world's absolutely busiest road crossings, when a young woman (sober tough, just busy) ran and tripped, falling down on the concrete in front of everyone who had stopped waiting for green light. Even if I wasn't the one closest to her I was the first walking up to her asking how she was and helping her up. 2-3 others joined me shortly to help her, but it was clear it wasn't a natural thing, as it is for example me, for the people around to check if she were okay.

- Japanese loves their beauty products. I invested in some natural products to use on my skin and are excited to see how it works. Tea tree oil for acne, horse oil (YES it really is oil from horses. Craziest shit ever so I just couldn't resist) as moisturiser and scars, and a water based exfoliating face wash (Japan's, the world's, most selling face wash with 1 sold every 12th second. Haha couldn't even find it on the shelfs in the pharmacy because they don't seem to bother filling it up since they just gets sold out all the time, so I had to ask for one).

 - The Japanese are kinky as fuck. I've been into sex shops around the globe but I never been to sex shops where there is 5 floors filled with porn dvds in any category. Bondage, poop, puke, piss, hair fetishism, over size, kid looking type, rape, basement, public transportation, cartoon.. Omg those Japanese got some fucked up fantasy I can tell u. But no western or gay pornos, only Asians. And nobody in these shops were ashamed of being there. No no no, casually looking into which dvd to buy home, no biggy
- C told me there is rumours that in Japan you can buy used undies from vending machines. Haha that can't be right? But oh yes we found them in the sex shops. It's true. You can buy one pair of used undies from a random girl for less than 10€. Or a whole bag with mixed used ones for around 50€. Or you could even buy a porn dvd, get a picture and autograph plus used undies from the pornstar from the movie! Good deal I guess?
- There is a lot of weird places and districts in Tokyo. You can find anything and everything and somebody who thinks they've seen crazy shit in Amsterdam or Thailand or wherever have seen nothing before they've seen Tokyo. Tokyo is FUCKED UP. In a crazy good way. But I had incredible many moments I felt like whatthefuck and felt soooo uncomfortable. Not in a bad scared uncomfortable way, just in a incredible fucked up way. Yes as you can tell, I can't really describe that feeling or put words on it.. And I'm definitely not the sensitive kind of person who feels uncomfortable from small things. I mean I absolutely don't feel weird being in a pornshop looking at poop sex, but eating ice cream at a Maid café felt just weird. The times I felt that way, that thinking I don't know if this is super fucked up cool or just super fucked up as in suuuper fucked up, was around the Golden Guy district (100s of mini mini mini bars that could fit like 8 person in each), in the Manga district Akihabara (with Manga porn, Maid Cafés, casinos, game neerds and 110% weirdos), Shinjuku with all the flashing lights and weird vibes of prostitution hostess club and fucked Japanese business men.
- What didn't feel so weird after seeing the fucked up side of Tokyo, was visiting a hedgehog cafe. Haha, only in Japan this would be something.. You pay for a 30 minutes session, choosing a hedgehog and playing with it for your time and that's about it. I wouldn't supported this if I wouldn't felt like the animals was right treated.
- I also visited a cat cafe with the same idea as the hedgehog cafe. Or well, cats got their own will so you don't get to choose one to hang out with, you just go there and let them hang out with you. Cat cafes seems to be found a little bit everywhere.
- I've been in big big big cities before with skyscrapers and big buildingscreen (like New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Panama..). But nothing is like Tokyo. Watching the world from the famous New York Grill (seen the Lost in Translation movie? That's the place where it got recorded) was breathtaking. I'm able to get that feeling from nature but it's extremely rare I get it from looking at a city, but seeing Tokyo wow.. Seeing lights and skyscrapers as long as the eye can see is extremely wow.
I've travelled for 6 years but I can say I'll never see the world the same way again after spending a few days in Japan, especially Tokyo. It's amazingly crazy and even if I have hard for liking a big city, Tokyo is really so fucked up crazy it's hard to not love. And hard to explain. I know I'll travel Japan again one day, and that time I hopefully take more time to explore their amazing nature.

Tokyo - High End

 Keywords: travel buddys, premium floor, hedgehog cafe, Maid café, porn, skyscrapers, views, amazing food, cat cafe, manga, more food, ice coffee, bars, room service, lost in translation, Tokyo madness.

Tokyo - Basic

Let me hit you up with some keywords for these pictures from my 3 basic budget Tokyo days. 7/11 sushi, capsule hotel, walking sightseeing, funky, mesmerising, Japanese stores, Tokyo madness, people, skyscrapers, Finland love, cute socks, shopping, horse oil, backpacking.

Basic & High End

Wow. I will never see the world the same after spending time Tokyo. What a crazy city.
I've been 6 days here and I will definitely share my pictures with you, but I really need to make two different blog posts from these days because I've lived pretty much as budget basic as you can do here , and I've lived the way over average standard. I feel so incredibly blessed I got to experience both sides of travelling in this big city.
 From a capsule in a dorm at a cabin hotel to a massive room at a premium floor at high end hotel. Yeah what can I say. I love anything and everything.


"The question is not what you
look at, but what you see."

Welcome to Tokyo

This morning this girl walked together with the 6AM sunrise into the world's biggest city.. HELLO TOKYO!! I was surprisingly excited to get there, especially because I was totally smashed after my adventurous side decided it was a good idea to take a over night bus (where I got 0 minutes of sleep) for 35$ instead of the 2h bullet train for 110$, aaaand to walk 8km from the bus station to the hotel. But I have to say it was a pretty cool feeling to walk into this crazily big city when it's empty a early Sunday morning .




Randomly ended up in Kyoto, Japan.

The World is my Home

So here we are, me and my life, my moving home (also called fckingfatbitch) or just backpack. Here we are at a handicap toilet at Helsinki Airport taking selfies. In 7 hours we hopefully (yeah I don't know, I don't have a confirmed ticket yet) are sitting on a flight to Hong Kong where I will jump on another flight (which I have 0 idea where will be to) to #destinationunknown. I hate leaving the relaxed comfort I've had for a whole month in Finland, but "if we wait until we're ready we'll be waiting for the rest of our life" and I need to go back to the life I know. Let's keep on exploring this world!! 

Healthy sweet

Alltså jag bara måste tipsa om de nya (eller? I don't know, men för mej e de nya!) Skyr smakerna som uppenbarade sig i min värld här om dagen! Jag är så sjukt trött på Skyr och kvarg, och har verkligen inte haft lust till de här klassiska uttjatade enkla hälsosamma proteinrika mellanmålen (och det är ju precis just de grymma grejerna med kvarg och skyr! Så himla enkelt snacks som man får det man behöver och vill ha från utan onödigt mycket socker, kolhydrater och trams man vill hoppa över) på sjukt länge.. MEEEEN Skyr med smak av Creme Brulee och Cookies n Cream är absolut värt att prövas! 
 Speciellt Creme Brulee. Mitt sötsug tackar iaf mej för den utan att kalorierna skenar iväg. 

Nature is cheaper than therapy


We call this home

That is... pretty amazing! Jag får rysningar.
3 years, 60 countries.. Alltså 60 länder låter oändligt många. Men det är runt 200 länder
i hela världen. 60 är ju ingenting. Men egentligen är det ju så mycket. Jag har rest största
delen av mina senaste 6 levnadsår och besökt... håll i er nu... 39 länder. Trettionie.
That's nothing ju! Världen är så stor så stor.. Men endå, egentligen inte.
 Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer..

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